Local 3 News features MTU Director of Athletics Suzanne Sanregret

Local 3 News features MTU Director of Athletics Suzanne Sanregret

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HOUGHTON-- Michigan Technological University, which was founded in 1885 has a lot of rich history behind it.

The school has a strong athletic department and the person behind that is Suzanne Sanregret, Michigan Tech's first women athletic director.

"I grew up in Houghton," said Sanregret. "I graduated from Houghton High School and went to Michigan Tech. Got my undergraduate degree from Michigan Tech in 1993 and upon completion of school I started working in the athletic department in the equipment room. A continuation of my time while I was a student. I was not good enough to be a collegiate athlete but I have a real passion for, an interest in sports."

Suzanne worked in the athletic department to help pay for her schooling and eventually led to a full time position that she worked up to be the athletic director, a role she's held for the past 13 years. She's also received her Masters and Ph. D from Michigan Tech.

"When I started in athletics, I knew it was something I was very passionate and interested in," said Sanregret. "I knew I would want to be in administration. I'm fortunate in that the administration at the time believed in me and hired me 13 years ago to continue in this role."

Suzanne says she hasn't dealt with any issues in this role because she's a woman as woman now play a major role in athletics.

"Well I think one of the things growing up my dad always said you could do whatever you put your mind to so I don't really look at it," said Sanregret. "Women are athletes. I'm very appreciative to Title IX and all that women that came before me in athletics prior to Title IX and how they fought for women to be a part of sport. I am just a recipient of that so I want to carry on that women should have access to sport just like men do and I think that is the case today."

Suzanne believes she has the best job on campus.

"I get to work with some of the strongest students on campus in our student athletes," said Sanregret. "And just seeing them grow and develop. You know, athletics is still part of the education mission of any institution or it should be and I think at Michigan Tech it truly is."