GLIAC Institutes Handshaking Policy

GLIAC Institutes Handshaking Policy

Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

Public Address Announcement For All GLIAC Games 2021-22

With continued concerns over the spread of COVID-19, the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference encourages all of our student-athletes, coaches, staff and spectators to practice enhanced precautions of hygiene and self-care. 

The GLIAC has suspended the expectations for participants to shake hands and fist bump as symbols of sportsmanship before and/or after athletic contests.  We encourage our spectators to maintain a safe social space from one another.  Among other precautions, frequent hand washing, covering sneezes and coughs and not sharing drinks or food are valuable tools in limiting the spread of any virus.

The GLIAC and it's member institutions thank you for your understanding and consideration and look forward to the near future when we can return to a more normal daily routine.